Security Services

MKS Now Provide Security Services

Facilities, Shops & Property Protection

Australian Goldstar Security Services (AGS) Pty Ltd a division of MKS provides excellent property protection services at an affordable rate. Our guards are trained in gatehouse procedures, Enclosed Lands Act regulations, vehicle and staff/visitor searches and reporting procedures as well as all electronic and CCTV security systems.

Using the amazing ‘Wand Point’ Electronic Data Acquisition System, we ensure that our guards perform their contracted security patrols and that they attend all the desired security points.

SmartGuard ‘buttons’ are strategically placed around a client’s property, in accordance with the instructions provided by the client. When carrying out a patrol, the officer ‘hits’ each button with the SmartGuard gun thus ensuring transparent monitoring of the security patrol. This information is thoroughly checked by our supervisory staff and at specified intervals will be generated into a report which is provided to the client.

Shopping Centre Security

The presence of smartly uniformed security guards in your store reassures staff and provides a great crime deterrent. Our guards are trained to be approachable and helpful towards patrons, residents and employees. In this way, our guards provide a feeling of safety and security to the customers and the general community. Our guards are carefully selected to ensure they are suitable for a retail environment and receive the necessary training to enable them to complete their job successfully. Our staff are trained in public relations and perform many functions while on duty:

  • Customer Service

  • Deter Criminal Behaviour

  • Report Incidents

School and University Security Services

Students must be able to attend classes with a sense of security and confidence. AGS Security Staff provide a sense of safety to students and teachers alike. Our staff are licensed for school/uni work and have cleared the relevant security protocols.

Our security services can for example be used to provide the following protection:

  • Holiday security

  • School vandalism deterrance

  • Security guards for public events

  • Lock up safe guarding

  • Escort staff and students to car park

  • Security patrol during school hours

Other Security Services

AGS Security Services provides a wide range of security services not mentioned above. Some of these include:

  • Aviation Security Service

  • Bank Security Guards

  • Crowd Control Staff

  • Reception Security

  • Gatehouse Security

  • Hospital Security

Security Functions:

Corporate Security & Party Security

Australian Goldstar Security Services (AGS) Pty Ltd offers security services for all kinds of functions and events. The major responsibility of AGS Security guards is prevention before an incident/offence occurs. Our distinctively uniformed guards will maintain a highly visible presence in order to deter incidents like theft, criminal damage or assault.

Security for Private Functions

Our security service can help you deter gate crashers. We aim to provide a quality security service 365 days a year, so please contact us for a free quote or to book as far in advance as possible.

We Provide

  • Local police integration

  • Check invitation lists

  • Comprehensive party security

Corporate Event Security

Here are some of examples of corporate events to which we can provide top quality security personnel:

  • Annual General Meetings

  • Community Events

  • Corporate Dinners

  • Product Launches

  • Social Events

  • Christmas and Special Festivities

We Provide

  • ID checks

  • Check invitation lists

  • Metal detection

  • Bag checks

  • Perimeter patrols

  • Police Integration

Our security solutions can be tailored to your needs. Simply fill in the form to contact us for a free quote and further details.